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A guide to my Star Trek role play characters
Since I've been involved in quite a number of Star Trek roleplays, I've decided to create a sot-of guide to all of them.  I plan on posting the more interesting stuff about each of them, soon.

Second Life:

United Federation Starfleet:
Vulpina Howley: my Second Life persona and officer for United Federation Starfleet ( an SL group). Untied Federation Starfleet takes place within the Delta Quadrant. It's the creation of what amounts to a second Strarfleet founded by the Federation; in order for them to have a foothold in the new territory charted by the U.S.S Voyager. During my academy days, I was assigned to write five role-play story lines for a space station. I shall post each of those five as their own blog. If I come up with more story lines or whole stories, they will also be posted.

Star Trek Furry Union:
Lt. Sasha Gatalc: Assistant Chief Engineer of the U.S.S Deliverance, an Excelsior class vessel brought back into service after the Dominion War, due to the deficit in ships.

Captain Jessica Campbell: Commanding Officer of the U.S.S Vigilant, a Constitution Class vessel. At the time that I am writing this, we have yet to have our first Vigilant roleplay. The Vigilant role-plays will be set in Captain Kirk's time. The group chose the writer of the best-sounding backstory to play the Captain. That was me! Yay!


Lt. Commander Jessica Vulpina: Cheif Engineer of the Starship Zenith. This was my very first Trek character. I became friends with the creator of the group and later decided to join. I was already an experienced roleplalyer and role-playing onboard a starship became like a dream come true. I met one of my now closest friends on the Zenith. Shi is a chakat from New Zealand who is living with hir family and going to school in East Australia. She always plays medical officers.

Lt. Commander Jessica Byakko: Chief Engineer of the U.S.S. Camelot and later the XSS Xian( space station). The owner of the Starship Zenith would have to log off promptly at midnight GMT (he lives in England); which would be 7:00PM my time. With all role-plays coming to an end by 7:00PM, I found myself with nothing to do, till I came across, and joined, the Camelot. I'd be on the Zenith before 7:00PM and on the Camelot after.. It was on the Camelot that I met my chakat friend's now mate. I believe it's also where they met each other. He's a feline from California. He tends to play the combatant (he was the Chief Hazard Officer on the Camelot) or fighter squadron characters (his RL dream is to fly). He also spent some time on the Zenith, but he felt the owner didn't roleplay with enough of a sense of realism (The owner would brought the shields to 150% and went to high warp. I was too passive to say, "She can naw take it, Captain!"). Finally, he's the owner fo the XSS Xian group; where the Camelot crew continued their adventures after that group disappeared. Both of my friends are why I joined United Federation Starfleet, after we spent some time together in Second LIfe. Of all the Trek characters I've rolplayed as in Furcadia, Byakko is the one I most miss playing.

(The original) Jessica Campbell: Acting Chief Engineer of the Starship Dublin and later engineering officer onboard the Starship Avalon (when the Starship Dublin got Destroyed and was waiting for an updated version). I joined the Dublin when all three homes of the Star Trek roleplays were no longer appearing.

That's all of the Star Trek characters I have played, so far. For the backgrounds of these characters and their adventures, please see their individual blog entries.


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