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My First Time at Arisia
 Arisia is New England’s largest science fiction and fantasy convention.  It runs Friday though Monday of Martin Luther King weekend.  I went there dresses as my own character, The Kitsune Cavalier (I’ll see about including a photo, in the future).

I showed up and registered for $20 then I spoke with one of the hatcheck volunteers and followed him to the gaming area as I organized my stuff.  

The Theme was "The fabric of Science Fiction so I spent my first half hour organizing my stuff, socializing, and wrapping a rainbow of colored hair ties around blue leopard-spotted scarf, in order to come up with the closest approximation to the fourth Dr. Who's scarf, I could create (in answer to the theme, of course).

I then sat through two half hour retro TV shows.   One was Rocky Jones, space ranger.  I recognized Dr Newton as the guy who created artificial Kryptonite for gangster Happy King in the original Superman TV show.

Then I went to see the vendors but I only saw 25% of them, because I kept stopping to socialize.   At 7:00 went back to the gaming room to check out a furry RPG that never took place, so I went to a seminar on storytelling instead, which was followed by one on making money from your art.  My problem is I somehow fancy myself a good writer.

The Cosplay Prom was already well underway when I got down there and had my prom photo taken.  I then went in, and danced.  There were glow sticks, Pocky's, and punch.  I didn't win any prizes.  After gathering my things, but before going home, I took a seminar for writers called "Do what you like." Then I went home.


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