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Luncheon Permission Slip
I, (Name of Parent or Guardian:) _________________________ , give
(Name of son or daughter:) ____________________________ permission to attend the
Boston Area Furry Luncheon, at the 99 restaurant in Charlestown, MA; on the date of
Sunday _______________________ from 1:00PM till 3:30PM.
I certify that my son or daughter is 16 years of age or older
I am aware that the conversation may contain mature subject matters.
I am aware that even though my son or daughter will not be served alcohol, they will be
in a location that alcohol is served.
I am aware that my son or daughter will have to pay for his own meal and provide for his
or her own transportation, to and from the event.
I certify that I have carefully read the above statements and am in full agreement with
Singed: ________________________________ Date: ____________________


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