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My Take on Love
Love is keeping a special place in your heart for someone else. Is that fair enough for a basic definition? In most cases what we are looking for is shared love. Unless we are trying to be like Jesus, Ghandi or someone like that and we want to show love for our enemies, it's a loss of energy to hold a torch for someone who'll never love one back. Platonic love (non-romantic love) should not be overlooked. On should share unconditional love with a circle of friends and family; even if they have to turn to a surrogate family. When one doesn't have a mate, they still have the pack. With the "pack" one should find support in foul weather as well as fair.

I find that platonic love is the key to romantic love. I always advise others against actively hunting for a mate. On should instead, seek to make friends. If there is a spark of romantic love between two friends, it will happen more naturally. I wasn't looking for a relationship when I met and started seeing my Stacy, but she'll be my mate for seven years this March (2009).

You and your mate should respect what the other values. There's no way that any two creatures can share all the same interests, but one should never have the other give up something or someone that they like (Also, one should only be encouraged to change for their own benefit, not for the benefit of another). Naturally one is allowed to spend more time with their mate than with anyone else, but if your mate ever wants you to stop seeing any of your fiends, then RUN! DON'T WALK! RUN FAST AND DO NOT LOOK BACK (This usually takes place because the other wants to take control of you) I've seen it happen too many times when someone finds a mate and abandons their friends and the two that I can recall at this late hour both ended in disaster. A good sign of true love is when you notice that the positive energy that you get from being with someone is still there when you are away from them.

One of the things I recommend for preserving a relationship is total honesty. I feel more comfortable around, and closer to Stacy because we feel open to share everything. I warn anyone who wants to keep a secret with me that I can't hide it from Stacy (unless it were a surprise party or something like that. ^.^). She of course, will not share it with a soul, but me.

Breakups and partings happen. What's there to save you? You're friends are there. Once again, it's platonic love to the rescue. Aren't you glad that you didn't give up your friends just to have a mate? Whenever dealing with anything tragic, the best thing one can do is drink plenty of water; not coffee, not soda, not tea, not hot chocolate, not even fruit juice, just water (feel free to indulge in any beverage once you know you are well-hydrated). Being well hydrated promotes good physical health. Good physical health promotes good mental health. Good mental health helps one get though adversity. Having a good pack to run with also helps one get through adversity.

There's what I have to say about love, be it scat or shineola. ^.^

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Re: Apologies for the late reply

Thanks. I want to tell you that I wear a tail only, not a full fursuit. Thus I do not have to change into any suit. We could meet in Harvard or Central Square between 2:00 and 3:00. I just want to know if you wear you rtail in public. I do when I'm in Cambridge and sometimes in Framingham and Natick too, as well as when I go to Quincy Market and the Aquarium. I was wondering more about furs in Boston wearing tails in public than about fursuiting. Let me ask you why don't I ever see any furs publicly wearing their tails in our area besides me? I'm more focused on tails than fursuits.

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