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United Federation Starfleet Roleplay Storyline: Get Real
 The following is the standard format used to announce new roleplays at United Federation Starfleet:

1) Have a major twist you'd like to implement? IM the Mission Creator (who wrote the briefing)
2) Don't want to participate? Wear this ? and keep your combadge off. If you do not wear it, or if you chat over an open comms (for anything other than group-related business), you may be expected to join in.
3) DCS is not required. Combat will not take place in this mission.
Mission Name: Get Real
Stardate: 081122

*Roleplay Begins at: 0:00hrs SLT*
**roleplay ends at 0:00hrs SLT**
Prepared by: Vulpina Howley
1. Mission Briefing
2. Status Report & Current Orders
3. Supplimental Information

Ever since the _____ ship sought asylum, on Stardate YYMMDD, all computerized systems have been giving glitches. Up until recently the glitches have ranged from barely noticeable to minor nuisances. It was thought that these problems would go away after both computer cores were brought back to full capacity, but, in fact, things are starting to get worse.
The worst hit have been the hollo emitters and the replicators. Fortunately, so far, systems have been effected only when they are inactive. Medical Holograms have been taking on the personalities and even the appearances of historical figures and fictional characters. Despite the fact that these moments have been brief and have not caused any harm, there is a fear that Medical Holograms may fail to perform their duties at critical moments or even do harm. Many medical officers have avoided working with them in situations when they normally would do so. Use of the holodeck has been restricted to times when holodeck activity can be closely monitored. Replicators have been substituting standard orders for food and items with what could be described as costumes and props.
Location: Tranquility Station
Status: Condition Green
Damage: None

DIVISIONAL OBJECTIVES ( * = indicates leading division when working with another division)
Keep the station up and running as systems seem to be falling apart.
Monitor all holodeck activity and report findings to to Engineering and Science
- Make sure departments and individuals in contact with each other.
- search every centimeter of the systems (1st level diagnostics, etc.)
- Find the cause of the glitches, whether due to hardware or software, and fix it.
Search for a pattern that may lead tho the cause of the glitches
Assist Engineering.
- Perform all standard duties in spite of being short-handed at times
Maintain a presence within sickbay and anywhere else holopersonel are on duty
Take any posts that Marines cannot cover
- Investigate the occurrence in case this is an act of sabotage.
Protect all parties using the holodeck. Your post will be within the holodeck itself and you will stay in contact with Operations. You will be issued a suit that will keep you cloaked (Just like in the movie: Insurrection) and you will be armed. It doesn’t seem likely that anything will happen, but we must be on the cautious side.
take any posts that Security is unable to cover
Academy Staff: Aid where needed
Cadets: Aid where needed
Civilians: Aid where needed
All other departments: Aid where needed


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